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Online Marketing for Food and Beverages Manufacturers - OMSETGO Case Study

Online Marketing for Food and Beverages Manufacturers - OMSETGO Case Study

nabbrands-11-13-15-872x423.jpg - Online marketing channels have been a powerful tool way for any businesses to increase sales and gain more customers. Businesses from many industries like food and beverages, education, fashion, and real estate have been adopting online advertising around the world. Here is Nestlé India's Good Food, Good Life video that successfully engaged its audience well:

The video above shows how food can actually make people happier when they share it. It's simple, yet emotional. The family adopted a child and the boy was initially jealous of his parents' attention. Eventually, when the little girl shared food with him, he started to like and accept her in the family.

At OMSETGO, we believe that every business can do something to actually leverage online marketing channels to increase its revenue and customers.

Food and beverages manufacturers are more suitable to actually sell offline in supermarkets and other markets. Unlike fashion products such as clothes, shoes, and accessories that are very suitable to be sold online. The idea is to maintain competitive pricing of its food and beverages products by delivering in large quantity to stores, not direct to consumers. However, this doesn't stop a food and beverages manufacturer to leverage with online marketing. It can actually drive its online audience to buy offline.

Here are a few steps for a food and beverages manufacturer to utilize online marketing:

1. Building an online audience

It is important for a food and beverages company to build an online audience. Consumers have started to stop consuming content from traditional sources such as newspaper, magazine, TV, and Radio. Consumers are using mobile phones to consume contents daily. They search for things on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. They socialize with their friends and acquaintances on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and Twitter. They communicate with their family and friends with WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat. The watch videos on YouTube, not TV.


Consumers are spending increasingly more time online on their mobile phones

In order to stay relevant, a food and beverages company need to be a brand that exists in consumers digital life. It can start with building an audience on Facebook and Instagram. These followers will get updates about the company such as new product launch and new promotion.

At OMSETGO, we can help you to build your online audience with our expertise in social media marketing. We help F&B companies to create engaging and relevant advertisements to the right target audience, at the right place and time.

2. Engage online audience and increase brand value

Building an online audience is important, keeping them engaged is also important. When potential customers follow you on Instagram, it means they think you are good. It means the care enough to see your updates. A food and beverages company has to create great and meaningful contents that people want to see.

The content has to always be consumer-centric. It has to include consumers and the brand itself. People care when you care about them too.

Look at some of Coca-Cola's Instagram posts below:


The photos do not show the faces of the people. The idea is to show that this can be anyone, this can be you! The photos show adventure, friends, love, and fun. The photos show Coca-Cola bottles and red color to indicate that Coca-Cola is always there during the great moments of your life. Coca-Cola successfully tells the consumers that they understand and care about them.

3. Share trackable promotions

Why trackable promotions? Before the usage of online marketing, most promotions are not trackable. Brands usually run a TV Ads, Newspaper Ads, Magazine Ads, then tell the potential consumers that they can get free gift or a promotion for certain product. However, brands do not easily track who actually purchase and use the promotion. How do brands know which advertisement make them purchase, etc?

Even when using online marketing channels and social media, most brands do not track the success of the campaign effectively.

At OMSETGO, we can help you to track and analyze all your advertising data with our expertise in Data Analytics. We can help you track which campaigns drive the most purchase. We can help you to know the Return on Investment (ROI) of your marketing budget in various channels.

Businessman touching financial dashboard with key performance in

At OMSETGO, we can help you know who your customers really are. How old are they? Male or female? Where do they live? What do they like? Where did they find your brand? Where did they find the promotion? We are able to generate meaningful insights for your company.

4. Increase word-of-mouth marketing to build larger customer base

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful marketing that can make a business successful. We generally believe in our family and friends. We believe in people with experience and knowledge. Whenever our family and friends recommend something for us, we would consider it, because we know that they care about us.

This can only be achieved by engaging the audience and understanding them with data analytics, then running relevant and meaningful marketing campaigns. We will be able to improve our product and brand to be able to make the audience becoming our fans. Apple successfully made the audience love them. Their customers eventually promote Apple products to their family and friends. In return, they are one of the most valuable companies in the world now.


Creating a great online advertising campaign is not easy. Understanding the effectiveness of the campaigns and generating useful insights are even harder. OMSETGO strives to bring excellence in utilizing the best technologies to help you grow your food and beverages company, to help you craft the best online marketing tactics, to help you understand your customers better.

About OMSETGO Digital Marketing Specialist

OMSETGO is all about increasing your sales. OMSETGO is a Digital Marketing Specialist with expertise in Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Data Analytics. We have seen many businesses that have spent huge budgets in various media without being able to really understand the success rate of their campaigns.

We believe there must be a better way. OMSETGO utilizes the best technologies to assist our clients to gain high Return on Investment (ROI) for their marketing campaigns.

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Reduce Cart Abandonment for Fashion E-commerce - OMSETGO Case Study

Reduce Cart Abandonment for Fashion E-commerce - OMSETGO Case Study

e-commerce_fashion_583px1.jpg - E-commerce industry has been growing rapidly for the past few years. in the United States, in China, and in Indonesia have been one of the pioneers in respective countries. The growth is supported by growing consumer demand to purchase products online. In Indonesia, Instagram is booming as a platform to buy and sell products and services. Out of various products and services, fashion products such as clothes, shoes, and accessories are the most popular. In Indonesia, we have thousands of online shops selling these products whether in Instagram, Facebook, or their own website.

The main problem a Fashion E-commerce is usually Cart Abandonment. 


Definition (from Webopedia): Abandonment is an electronic commerce term used to describe a visitor on a Web page who leaves that page before completing the desired action. Examples of abandonment include shopping cart abandonment, referring to visitors who add items to their online shopping cart, but exit without completing the purchase.

Currently, the average cart abandonment rate in the world is 67.91%. It also means that 2 out of 3 online transactions are not successful. (Source: Wikipedia)

These abandonment does not just happen in website e-commerce. It also happens in Instagram, Facebook, and other channels. There is a lot of cancellations in Instagram's purchase online. This causes a lot of E-commerce shops to create rules such as "CANCEL = BLACKLIST", to hinder potential customers from asking questions if they are not sure. This may be good to filter only serious customers, but this would also cause the shop losing many potential customers.

Here are the top 8 things to focus on to reduce cart abandonment in an E-commerce website:

1. Clear pricing

Most E-commerce shops using Instagram do not show their pricing. There are reasons behind this. Sellers do not want competitors to know their pricing nor they want potential customers to compare price with other shops. Sellers allow potential customers to directly chat them via LINE, WhatsApp, or BBM. This way, only the most interested prospects will directly chat the sellers. Directly chatting has a high commitment to buying.

However, this filter has made sellers lose a lot of potential customers. There are many people that would love to know the price before chatting for inquiries.

Especially on a website where users and the platform interact freely, clear pricing is very important for users to able to make a purchase decision. Without clear pricing, users will doubt the legitimacy of the website.

2. Product descriptions

Product descriptions such as available sizes for clothes and shoes are very important. Even if the users are interested, they cannot make a decision to purchase before they are convinced that they can wear the products.

Other than size information. Potential customers also want to know what the products are made of, why it is different and worth buying, what the story behind the product is, etc.

3. Stock availability

It is important to clearly tell users about the availability of a particular product. If a user doesn't know it, he/she may continue doing actions that give him/her no results and waste time. That is a bad user experience.

4. Shipping cost charges and duration

Shipping charges have to be clearly stated and easily changeable to other currencies (for international buyers). Users do not like hidden charges that occur when they are going to pay for something.

Shipping information is important to tell users when it will arrive at their homes. Sellers can also mention how long it will take for products that are out of stock to be sent to the customers if they want to purchase it.


Offering free shipping can be a very good way to persuade users to buy. Everyone loves free stuff. About 58% of potential customers abandon the cart after seeing shipping charges. This is especially true for low-priced items, customers would feel that the shipping charge of 7 dollars does not worth their money for a 15-dollar product. FREE Shipping is king. Sellers can offer free shipping if customers purchase at a minimum amount, such as 80 dollars total purchase value.

5. Photos

Photo Credit:


Photos with models wearing the products are effective to present the appearance of the products. High-quality photos represent high-quality products. People love to see visuals before they buy. Photos from multiple angles are also useful to make customers understand how they will look if they wear the product.

6. Offers and discounts

Photo Credit: Forever 21

Users love to get value. Offers and discounts with limited time are effective to make customers purchase immediately. However, sellers need to make sure that the offers and discounts procedures are clear and seamless. Sometimes promotions are not straightforward and require customers to do certain things such as sharing an image with certain hashtags or mentions. Many potential customers might not understand the procedures and become disappointed when they find out they are not eligible for the promotions. Simplicity is the key to creating a successful promotional campaign.

7. Video tutorial for innovative products

Video Credit: Darcy George

For sellers with relatively innovative or new products, showing a video tutorial is the best way to demonstrate how to use the innovative product.

Photos of the steps are good enough for printed media. However, a video is still more effective to communicate methods to the audience, especially in a website and social media platforms.

8. Website load speed

Users expect everything to be quick and seamless. If an E-commerce website loads slowly. Users will feel that the website is not powerful enough and assume the store is not professional.

Slow website load speed also lowers trust and momentum for potential buyers to purchase. It is important to test the load speed of an E-commerce website time to time, especially after adding many new products to the website.

We can test our website load speed with Pingdom Website Speed Test Tool or  GTmetrix Website Speed and Performance Optimization (It also provides recommendations on how to improve it).

About OMSETGO Digital Marketing Specialist


OMSETGO is all about increasing your sales. OMSETGO is a Digital Marketing Specialist with expertise in Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Data Analytics. We have seen many businesses that have spent huge budgets in various media without being able to really understand the success rate of their campaigns.

We believe there must be a better way. OMSETGO utilizes the best technologies to assist our clients to gain high Return on Investment (ROI) for their marketing campaigns.

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