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Online Lead Generation for Insurance Company - OMSETGO Case Study

Online Lead Generation for Insurance Company - OMSETGO Case Study


Getting people to join insurance is not an easy task. The current way of getting leads has been about persistence and network.

The current ways to generate leads for an insurance company:

1. Cold call: Get phone numbers and call directly to offer.

Cold calling is a technique whereby a salesperson or in this case insurance agent contacts a prospect that has not been informed about the product or service before. The phone number is not given by the prospect himself/herself. The salesperson or insurance agent is a stranger for the prospect.

2. Referral: Get to know someone from someone you already know.

Reference from a previous customer is a powerful tool to generate new leads. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools a company can have. This is achieved with high-quality products and services delivered by a company.

3. TV, Radio, and Printed Media (Magazine, Newspaper): Marketing efforts to help  insurance agents in selling the packages.

Media channels that have been successful for the past decades. These include TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspaper, and other media. It helps in building brand awareness for an insurance company.


  1. Cold calling is good for those who are interested in buying an insurance. It is uncomfortable for people that have no interest at all, potential customers want privacy. Cold calling may harm a brand, which is not a good thing as insurance is in the business of trust.
  2. Referral is the most effective way to generate qualified leads right now. An approval from a friend of the prospect means a lot in the closing process. However, this process sometimes still requires a long time. There are too many information that a prospect does not know. A prospect can't decide when he or she does not understand enough.
  3. TV, Radio, and Printed Media (Magazine, Newspaper) have been around for a long time. It is a good way to increase brand awareness of an insurance company. However, there are a lot of things that can't be measured with these channels. How many people actually see your advertisement? Who are they? What do they do after they see the advertisement?


1. Let customers commit their own information

We shouldn't do cold calling. It would be better to let prospects submit their own email and phone number to allow us to call them.

The insurance company's website has to have enough explanation about the selling point of the insurance products. It needs to state its unique value proposition.

There are often times when insurance agents need to spend a lot of time just to be able to arrange a meeting. It would really help the customers if they can read the information online in the website.

Once customers are interested, they would want to know more details about how much they need to pay per month, what are the interests, what benefits they can get, how long is the duration of payment, etc.


Photo Credit: CekPremi

This is the time we should allow them to submit email and phone number to get more information. An example above is a form that offers web visitors information to know more if they submit their personal information. An insurance company can create an email or a phone number subscription method to allow users get detailed information about certain insurance policy documents.

An insurance agent can then call / email the subscribers and arrange a meeting. This way, the customers have slight information about the insurance company and would welcome the insurance agent's call and request to meet. They have previously committed their personal information on the website.

2. Automated Referral System

Referral is one of the most powerful marketing tools for an insurance company. We can create a system to generate referral automatically.

Everybody that are looking for an insurance product or financial product usually compares several companies. Someone who wants to save money in a bank usually compares the benefits and interests of the particular bank with other banks. This also happens for insurance products.


Photo Credit: HaloMoney


An example above is a website that allows visitors to compare credit cards. An insurance company can let users compare their products easily. However, users need to share to their social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter to be able to view the complete data and download it. By giving value to customers, we automatically gain referrals from the Facebook or social media shares.

3. Utilize measurable marketing channels.

The days of TV, Radio, and Printed Advertisements are over. Everyone is consuming online media more than ever.

Targeting customers using online marketing channels are more measurable and effective. The insurance company's website can utilize various marketing channels such as Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.

Social Media

We can reach millions of specific audiences that match our potential customer's profile. All of these can be done through understanding data and utilize it. For example, we can target mothers with kids that are looking for education insurance for her children.

By increasing website traffic with relevant visitors, the insurance company can generate leads and gain referrals from the visitors. It also raises brand awareness of the company and helps insurance agents to close more deals. Eventually, increasing the sales of the insurance company.

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